July 7th, 2009



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Andy, really?!
An attack on public art because YOU don’t understand it only serves to make you look stupid and belligerent.  I wonder how much better you'll feel if you try to understand it first before you dismiss it.  Would creating a forum for art awareness is better than trying to dismiss and dislike it because you don't understand it? It is typically American to do what you’ve done and only serves to reinforce stereotypes of arrogant overweight cultural babies.   It is far nobler to try to raise the collective intellect than the dumbing down of America that most of your country is working toward at great velocity while religious herding and sport cattlers provide direction. Playing the ‘average joe’ card coupled with self effacing terms like ‘no nothing boobs’ is unbecoming, irresponsible and uninspiring. You do not serve anyone by playing small. By educating yourself and speaking from an informed place you inspire others and give them permission to seek out their own truth and informed opinion.  I wish you luck.


Everybodys working for the weekend...

Rick and I went up to a buddy's cottage for the long weekend. We took monday and tuesday off, skipped Pride weekend in Toronto and had an amazing time away on Lake Huron.

Cub all tuckered out...

hottube, sauna, lake, repeat.

We heard it rained in Toronto. haha.


DUBLIN 22"x30" Acrylic on paper 2009

Commissioned by one of the members of the rugby team that won the 2008 Bingham Cup. This is the campus in Dublin where they played.


whats going on in the studio...

working on a plaza in central Florence for a couple getting married there in a couple weeks.

the reason my cell phone always has bits of paint on it.

so far so good...