March 6th, 2014


To quote the haunting Pink Floyd song, ...Is anybody out there?

I was searching for lost images of artwork and remembered some secret stashes from days gone by and found some of them here. I was surprised and delighted I even was able to get back in so easily after many years away and felt grateful I had maintained some old email addresses though the years. Lucky.

While scrolling through dilapidated posts, I read comments never seen before from people I still know and connect with on other social media platforms.  What a curious place with comments unappreciated until. Thank You!

I started LIVEJOURNAL a good plenty years ago (2002?) so seeing it now made me wonder... Does anyone even use it anymore? In a strange way, I hope not as it might be a fun to make this a 'secret' place to post things not on the larger social networks. Likes goodies. Aw. I miss Goodie. Does anyone remember him?  This could be a place to safely stow personal thoughts.  Thoughts?

Leave me a reply/comment to let me know you're there and what you think --this could could be fun. *EG*