Everybodys working for the weekend...

Rick and I went up to a buddy's cottage for the long weekend. We took monday and tuesday off, skipped Pride weekend in Toronto and had an amazing time away on Lake Huron.

Cub all tuckered out...

hottube, sauna, lake, repeat.

We heard it rained in Toronto. haha.



for some reason my embedding isn't working. meh.

Andy, really?!
An attack on public art because YOU don’t understand it only serves to make you look stupid and belligerent.  I wonder how much better you'll feel if you try to understand it first before you dismiss it.  Would creating a forum for art awareness is better than trying to dismiss and dislike it because you don't understand it? It is typically American to do what you’ve done and only serves to reinforce stereotypes of arrogant overweight cultural babies.   It is far nobler to try to raise the collective intellect than the dumbing down of America that most of your country is working toward at great velocity while religious herding and sport cattlers provide direction. Playing the ‘average joe’ card coupled with self effacing terms like ‘no nothing boobs’ is unbecoming, irresponsible and uninspiring. You do not serve anyone by playing small. By educating yourself and speaking from an informed place you inspire others and give them permission to seek out their own truth and informed opinion.  I wish you luck.



VINEYARD   36"x48" Acrylic on canvas 2009

Layers and Layers of staining and then layers and layers of glaze. This took a looong time to do.



BIRCH  48in. x 48in. Acrylic on canvas  2009 

I spent a long time painting this. It's hard to paint a canvas white. I had to first paint it blue to see where the white paint was going, but then the blue was showing through. If I did it again, I'd use a light grey base... it's really got a beach feel to it and there is a releif to the surface it's surprisingly warm looking.  I'd keep this one if I could. I may do another one similar for my September show. 


GENEVA  48in. x 84in  Acrylic on canvas  2009

So this has been on my studio wall for the past 8 months and I've worked on it, hated it, ignored it, took it down, put it back up, worked on it a bit more and then tried to pretend it didn't exist... it was an exercise in patience and discipline among other things. I'm glad it's done. it was like having a baby. a lot of labour, tears, barfing, drama, wine, pouting, grunmbling, --all of it... I think this image is a little too light and one certainly can't see all the detail at this size. 4ft. x. 7ft. can be a bit much ( ok a lot much). I've got a 10ft. x 4ft. coming up in the pipe but it'll be on two panels.

GENEVA?  Had thought about calling it BREAKER BREAKER or MOUNTAIN FOLK or SUSHI TIME. all fairly self-explanitory, I think. It reminded me of international flavours and I thought of NATO and GENEVA.. blah blah blah....

anyway feedback appreciated - good or bad.



I've been working on this for the last week. It's two 18x42in. canvases. 


22x30in. of a rugby pitch at DUBLIN UNIVERSITY, Ireland
16x20in. portrait on paper
4ftx7ft canvas to finish and ship to WashingtonDC
3x5ft. canvas to finsih that matches a vase I was given for a condo in east Toronto
4x7ft panel of Hong Kong Island Harbour 
4x10ft panel of BAY BRIDGE, San Francisco   (EXCITED!!!)
22x30in. panel of LONDON TOWER BRIDGE, UK
3x5ft to match a condo palette in Ottawa.
4x8 canvas for a boardroom at a law firm.
3x4ft, abstract in yellows for a house outside of Toronto.
14 paintings for my solo show in September. 




“All art begins with grids. All artists long for grids.”

- American poet John Taggart

So I've taken this interest in grids...  again, these are just starting points for paintings -maybe. I'm not sure how I feel about them. They seem a little too 70s OpArt to me. Not sure I'll go anywhere with it, but it makes me think and I'd like to look at them if they were fairly large. they make me think about spacial relations and I gues thats what I'm getting at.  

More is more?

This one reminds me a a gay version of the game PERFECTION.  might be fun as a 4x4ft apinting in a condo.

I keep coming back to things that look like Atari quest games.